Country Place HOA


Bylaws of Country Place Homeowners Association, Inc. Section 3, Board of Officers.
The affairs of the Association shall be governed by a Board of Officers, composed of no less three (3) persons, and may be more, so long as the number is an odd number. The officers must be Members of the Association.

Elected Officers

   Dan Ware
Vice President
   Vacant, seeking nominations
   Karen Wilton
   Jose Rodriguez

Appointed Officers

Assistant Vice President
   Michelle Ayers
Assistant Vice President, Pool Operations
   Michelle Ayers
Assistant Vice President, Pool Operations
   Kyle Usher
Assistant Vice President, Parks and Recreation
   Kyle Usher
Assistant Vice President, Architectural/Control Committee
   Berman Kent
Assistant Secretary
   Ellen White-Khazrai


Architectural/Covenant Committee
Pool Committee
Welcome Committee